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Benefits of Staging

What are the Benefits of Home Staging?
  • A staged home provides the WOW factor that potential buyers want in their new home
  • Staging reduces the time a house is on the market
  • A staged home sells quicker than homes that are not staged
  • Staged homes stand out from others on the market
  • Staged Homes appeal to a broader range of buyers
  • Staged homes provide a professional image- the house looks better in flyers and in on-line marketing tools
  • Staged homes feel airy and spacious
  • Staging helps perspective buyers focus on the home's features and not all of the excess "stuff" that is in the house
  • A professional home stager will see the house as the buyer does and not as the seller. This provides objective insight, as there is no emotional attachment to the house
  • We can fill an empty house with furniture and artwork to showcase your home
  • The cost of staging will always be less than the first price reduction when selling your home